Turnkey Machines / Assemblies

Turnkey Machines / Assemblies

Whether your need is the assembly of several metal parts or large scale mechanical and electrical assemblies, Bulloch Fabricating Inc. is fully capable of providing a wide range of turn-key products. Offering a complete in-house solution, from purchase order to manufacturing, assembly to packaging, warehousing to shipping logistics, we provide our customers with a one stop shopping experience.

We Provide

  • Complete Turnkey Solutions
  • Small Scale Assemblies
  • Large Scale Machines
  • Electrical Integration
  • Control Logic
  • Design & Engineering Consultation

Custom Design & Engineering

Bulloch Fabricating Inc. has the capability to design any product from extremely complex assemblies to single level components. We work hand in hand with our customers during the design and manufacturing process to assure the end product meets or exceeds our customer’s needs.