Retail Displays

Retail Displays

Bulloch Fabricating Inc was introduced into the retail fixture business to design and build metal fixtures that would perform better and outlast the traditional wood and laminate fixtures. Over the years we have developed products that are easily installed and can be moved or rebuilt for a changing marketplace.

Custom Retail Displays

Visual presentation of a store’s product has always been the prime stimulant for the main share of retail purchases. Presenting merchandise in a retail setting is an art known as visual merchandising, and when crafted correctly, it can enhance sales appeal to any product or brand. To properly display and sell your products to achieve sales goals starts with a custom retail display that caters to your brand and products in the ever changing marketplace. Established in 1985, Bulloch Fabricating Inc. was founded based on the principle of designing products that will help individuals and companies accomplish their goals. After being introduced to the retail fixture business and with over 25 years of experience in the manufacturing and fabricating industry, Bulloch Fabricating Inc. can professionally design, customize, and manufacture a retail display to suit your brand and master visual merchandising for your products.

Custom Design For Any Retail Display Setting

At Bulloch Fabricating Inc., we understand that not only does the retail market change ever so frequently, we also understand that your products and how they need to be displayed changes as well. Our design team has the capabilities to design a custom retail display that will meet and exceed the visual merchandising needs of your product. We will work hand in hand with you during the entire design and manufacturing process to assure that your custom retail display is fabricated to fit the requirements of your retail sales setting. With the wide range of material capabilities such as aluminum, structural and stainless steel, copper, brass, bronze, and even plastics, Bulloch Fabricating Inc. can manufacture even the most complex of retail displays.

Retail Fixtures For Custom Merchandising Displays

Whether your store needs permanent, counter, P.O.S., or freestanding retail fixtures, Bulloch Fabricating Inc. develop and fabricate products that are easily installed, moved, or rebuilt to keep up with the dynamic, constant changes of your retail setting. Because we build metal fixtures that are fabricated in-house, our retail fixtures perform better and outlast the traditional wood and laminate fixtures. We can design and manufacture custom merchandising displays that will allow you to take full advantage of your retail space while optimizing the visual presentation of your products.

As a sheet metal fabricating company based on the values of integrity, dependability, honesty, and following through our commitments, Bulloch Fabricating Inc. is dedicated to producing the custom retail displays and fixtures that will bring positive results to your product and sales. If your brand or company needs a custom kiosk for shopping mall and venue sales settings, or in-store displays for demonstrations or promotions within your existing retail location, we can create a custom retail display to match your precise visual merchandising strategy. Regardless of how challenging the design concepts, we pride ourselves in our ability to produce a completed product that holds true to your original design look, function, and endless retail display possibilities.