Industry Specific Machining

Industry Specific Machining

At Bulloch Fabricating, Inc., we understand that every industry is unique and requires specific parts, products, and even prototypes manufactured to meet the high demands within the specific industry. Since we have grown well beyond our original sheet metal shop, our state of the art CNC machining and staff of experienced, highly capable machinist can offer industry specific machining services. Our manufacturing and fabrication experience extends beyond sheet metal; we can design, engineer, and manufacture industry specific parts regardless of material type.

Industry Solution Machining

Our CNC machining and turning work center offers an extensive variety of solutions for a range of industries; from simple to complex machining, and prototyping to full production runs, Bulloch Fabricating, Inc. can produce your product to meet your requirement needs and the specifications set within the industry. Once our mechanists have optimized the product and the manufacturing process for your specific industry requirements, our machines can produce identical parts and products to supply you with the exact amount your industry demands. No matter the industry, product, or material, Bulloch Fabricating has the machining capabilities and experienced staff to produce the precise product which will provide solutions for your company.

Production Services

Due to our material capabilities including aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, plastic, rubber, and many types of steel, Bulloch Fabricating’s Industry Specific Machining allows us the opportunity to design and engineer an endless line of products within any industry. Whether your company needs automotive parts and tools, medical devices and instruments, aerospace prototypes, industrial grade tools, or energy equipment for power generation, Bulloch Fabricating has the machines and experience to produce the parts that meet your specifications and exceed your expectations.

No matter if you are in need of prototypes, products and parts, or even new product development for full production, our ongoing experience in industry specific machining can provide you with lower costs and rapid production with high quality output with our CNC machining and turning. As one of our core services, we work hand in hand with our customers and suppliers to attain the most cost effective solution for industry specific production. We are also continually seeking measures to not only lower your costs, but most importantly, improve your end product.

Machining Center

Our 120 inch travel Mazak machining center allows us to machine long pieces precisely, with the additional capability to divide the machine in half with a removable wall. With the wall in place, smaller parts can be machined on one side of the wall while the operator loads product in the vises on the other side, greatly improving throughput. When combined with our other Mazak machining center, Mazak CNC lathe, manual mill, and manual lathe we have the capabilities and ability to see your projects through from concept to completion.