Baggage Handling

Baggage Handling

Bulloch Fabricating Inc has been involved in baggage handling for 25+ years. We are a proud member of the IABSC and work closely with airport consultants by supplying customers with industry specific products from stainless steel trim to equipment. With a vast knowledge of the airport industry we provide experience and aid to baggage handling integrators.

Stainless & Painted Conveyor Trim

We specialize in stainless steel and painted trim that is seen by the public.

Ticket Counter Trim – Custom and Bulloch Fabricating Inc Design

Our goal is to develop ticket counter trim that will save time on installation. We help our customers understand the benefit of the Bulloch Fabricating Inc designed trim and can also produce a customized design based on specific needs.

Feed Conveyor Trim/Custom

Bulloch Fabricating Inc can design feed conveyor trim that will save time on installation by field measuring and custom manufacturing stainless steel and painted trim. We have many years of experience custom designing trim and cladding on feed conveyors.

Conveyor Equipment – Custom and Bulloch Fabricating Inc Design

Bulloch Fabricating Inc has designed and built custom airport baggage handling conveyors for over 25 years. Our conveyor equipment has both modular and cost saving manufacturing designs available.

USCS Inspection Conveyors

Inspection conveyors are turnkey and ideal for easy maintenance and a safe inspection area.

Scale Label Dispatch Conveyors

Conveyers are fitted with Atrax scales and designed for easy maintenance and modular design.

Modular Ticket Counter with Stainless Steel Trim

Bulloch Fabricating Inc developed this product because we recognized a need for our customers to save money and time on installation costs associated with ticket counter conveyors with trim. Our unique product design will save as much as 50% on installation labor, both mechanical and electrical.

Bulloch Fabricating Inc Deck Support Systems

Our deck support system is a pre-engineered bolt together metal framework with plywood decking to help our customers save on installation costs.

CBRA Inspection Table Model 100

Engineered to withstand the punishments of daily use, the CBRA Inspection Table M100 is designed to fit all TSA requirements. The ergonomic sliding table top design allows for ease of use even while under heavy load. The M100 can be adjusted to fit almost any space with the option to set stop positions for the Sliding Table Top and the ability to add incremental Table Top Extensions.

CBRA Back Wall Model 101

The CBRA Back Wall M101 offers the flexibility to accommodate all of the necessary equipment required for CBRA baggage screening. Designed to fit the CBRA Inspection Table M100, the M101 provides CPU storage, (2) 120V external power sources, access panels to internal wire ways and an aluminum slat wall header to receive multiple adjustable monitor mounts. The M101 also has a number of accessories to support or mount various pieces of baggage screening equipment.